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Best Time to Visit Kathmandu, Nepal

Nepal’s altitude varies from a low 70 meters above sea-level to the highest point of 8,848 meters. This variation exists in a small size spanning about 800 kilometers east to west and no more than 250 kilometers north to south. Such steep geography consequences climatic alteration all over the regions of the country. Despite widely variate landscape, the climate can be quite friendly all over the country in any season for a willing heart wishing to visit.

Kathmandu sits perfectly in the hilly region at about 1400 meters above sea-level. This can range up to the highest point of about 2300 meters. Given the topography, it has a fairly temperate climate since it falls under Warm Temperate Zone.

Kathmandu, generally, has warm weather with an average annual temperature of 18-19 degrees Celsius. The winter can bring in a cold temperature of 18-20 degrees Celsius by day and as low as 2 degrees Celsius by night. During summer, the average high temperature can get around 28 degrees Celsius and low temperature can get to around 19 degrees Celsius. During spring and autumn, the highs can get around 26-28 degrees Celsius by days and as low as about 11-13 degrees by nights. The rainy seasons can be pretty wet with an average of 378 precipitation.

All through these climate changes, Kathmandu promises amazing activities that will keep you in awe during your visit. This being said, the “Best Time to Visit Kathmandu” frankly might be more dependent on what kind of person is visiting. Although most people often call the months between autumn and winter to be the best season to be here, Kathmandu can be

Below are some descriptions of Kathmandu throughout the year. Keep an open mind and decide for yourself the best time to visit here.

Winter Season

The cool change in temperature towards the end of the month of October marks the beginning of winter. The change from cool to chill gradually grasps the valley through November. Winter in Kathmandu peaks during December and January and eases off from the start of February. This time of year, Kathmandu offers warm sunshine and clear unobstructed view of high mountains from many places. Gentle hikes and treks around nearer hill-stations can be amazing during winter. Or you can simply enjoy the sunny days and explore the city of thousand temples that is Kathmandu. This capital is bound to make your time worthwhile.

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It not only holds holy places for Hindus but also quite some historical and cultural significance for Buddhism. The temple of Pashupatinath and Stupa of Bouddhanath bear great value for both these religion and exploration around these sacred sites has its own worth along with several others that need no briefing. You can also choose to have a closer look at mountains and enjoy a mountain flight. Winter generally provides with clear sunny days perfect for Himalaya-Gazing. If you still want more, you can always try paragliding and tandem flight enjoying the amazing view of Kathmandu Valley and sky-scraping mountains.

Spring Season

The beginning of March welcomes beautiful spring and lasts till around the start of May. The climate is pleasant and temperature mildly cool while the trees and forests are at the brink of rejuvenating their greenery with flowers blossoming all around the valley. Spring time is invigorating on its own, add to that the entire environment of Kathmandu being blissful makes you feel welcomed. This relaxing time of year offers views of mountains and city sightseeing opportunities. You can do any tourist activities that you might want to do any other season including trek/hike, mountain flight and so on.

Leisurely hikes in the Shivapuri National Park is one of the most relaxing things one can experience during spring time since the climate is perfectly suitable and the “greenish” aroma brings out the best of your interest. You can also enjoy cycling on a joyful weather. Nagarjuna hill, Shivapuri hill, and many other places have nifty cycling route. Besides that, saunters around the ancient Palace Squares or Plazas (Durbar Squares) of Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, and Patan in the Valley give you a unique picture of ancient local culture. Spring in Kathmandu is one of the most relaxing experience you can gain as a tourist.

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Summer Season

Summer time announces it’s incoming with the rise in temperature at mid-May. The months of June, July and August brings warmer days and nights with the gradual increase in temperature throughout these months. Rainfall cools the valley from time to time during summer and for leisurely vacationers, this period certainly will prove to be the time of their life. The cool breeze with either a great city view or the hillside (there are plenty of options) is guaranteed to take your worries away. You can enjoy swims in streams and rivers not very far away from the valley and enjoy the relaxed environment around you.

If you are a peace-lover looking for an isolated getaway, the resorts, found in abundance around hill-stations and foot-hill of this lovely valley, will give you all that you hope for a “lazy day”. You can always arrange for sight-seeing around the city or even opt for adventurous activities should you want to make more of your days but ample and random rainfall might make these tasks rather uneasy. However, the rain does crown the majestic valley of Kathmandu with breathtaking beauty. The wet ancient streets and hillside trails provide another awesome opportunity to get blended with culture and nature themselves. The mix of temperate environment and cool monsoon is sure to bring out the child in you.

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Autumn Season

The months of September, October and November are widely popular among tourists as it’s often regarded as the best time to visit Nepal. The weather during autumn is perfectly fine and view of mountains is unobstructed. Not only the valley but entire Nepal is drenched in festivities of “Dashain” and “Tihar”, the most celebrated holidays of Nepal. Besides the ever-so-marvelous sights of natural spectacles, the another thing to look forward during autumn in Kathmandu is the welcoming locals.

Though the friendliness of Nepalese is always in abundance, this time of year seems to bring out the optimum level of hospitality in them (must be the holiday spirit). There are no restriction of climate or weather if you hope to enjoy any sort of tourist activities. Be it rafting, paragliding, hiking or more relaxing things such as sight-seeing rambling around city, autumn time will let you satisfyingly enjoy you stay. The evergreen forests around the hills of the valley, gentle chill mornings followed by cool afternoons and nights, clear blue sky and the mighty the Himalayas – imagining a perfect vacation is not that difficult during the period of autumn.

Kathmandu is an amazing place that allows one to have almost all the leisure experience within its thresholds at almost all throughout the year. There are beautiful natural views is forests, hills, mountains, rivers and many natural marvels. Also, the sight of different colors and flavors of numerous culture lets one experience totally new familiarity of social wonders. Kathmandu truly is a proper “Tourist Land” as so often mentioned. So the “best time to visit Kathmandu” might more rely on what kind of visit you want.

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